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Australian Pigeon – 4″ Round Bowl in white

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Australian Pigeon – 4″ Round Bowl in white




Australian Pigeons are both colorful and exotic. This reproduction of a wonderful antique print captures well the unusual plumage and dramatic details of this fascinating bird. The 4″ round bowl designed by Scott Potter and created with a handcut paper placed under the glass, is a very small piece that radiates great charm. Finished with many layers of white glaze that have been carefully sealed for handwashing, it is hand signed by Scott Potter. Alternate background colorations of either silver or gold may be requested. Call The Scott Potter Studio at (207) 775-3630 or email: scott@scottpotterthegildedhome.com.

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Weight 0.1133980925 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in
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